Community Guidelines


Witspeak is committed to maintaining a safe, positive community where all users feel comfortable expressing themselves! We created our community guidelines with this commitment in mind. By using Witspeak, you are agreeing to follow these guidelines. We take this seriously, and will actively work to make the community better!

  1. Who We Want To Be or, Our Community Guidelines
  1. We are real.We do not allow false identification when contacting Witspeak customer support or cashing out.
    1. We share our own voices, not those of others​. That means not impersonating other users misrepresenting your age, using others’ photos without permission, and misrepresenting yourself as an employee of Witspeak (for the record, the only official Witspeak Team accounts are @witspeak.
    2. We don’t harm our community​ by exploiting software bugs in the app.
    3. We lift others up.​ That means no bullying. Period.
    4. We support others during hard times.​ But our community is not the place to depict, encourage or assist in suicide and self-harm. If you see or hear someone who really needs help please share the National Suicide Hotline number with them: 1-800-273-8255 OR report the post by clicking three dots on voice post or channels.
    5. We respect each other’s privacy.​ That means zero tolerance for unauthorized sharing of private information such as identifying information about other users (address, phone number, other social media handles, etc.), recording people in private spaces without their permission, etc.
    6. We stay safe and protect the vulnerable.​ We ask that you not share your address, phone number, or any other potentially sensitive private information. Similarly, if you witness inappropriate advances please report them.
    7. We maintain a non-toxic environment.​ Some language is not appropriate for users under 18. We reserve the right to consider that when deciding to restrict or remove content including stopping Lives or asking you to change stream titles. You are allowed to swear while you broadcast, but if you use a lot of profanity you should use the Mature tag. Remember that lots of young teens listen to content on Witspeak, and we are trying to make a safe space for all.
    8. We don’t steal.​ Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as playing music that you do not own.
    9. We don’t do porn or dating. Posting or displaying overtly sexual content, pornography or linking to pornographic sites is not for Witspeak. This includes all Dating solicitation.
    10. We interact and debate respectfully​. Promoting or inciting violence against any individual or group, including posting or displaying images of firearms or other weapons
    11. We love, especially those who are different from us.​ Hate speech including any form of discrimination based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion is a hard no. That includes racial slurs of any kind.
    12. We don’t encourage addictive behavior. We avoid engaging in, promoting, or participating in gambling as well as promoting, or encouraging the use of Alcohol, illegal/recreational drugs.
    13. We use Witspeak in good faith.​ Avoid using Witspeak for commercial advertising or political fundraising unless officially approved by the Witspeak Team.
    14. We respect the law. Illegal activity – if it’s illegal in real life, it’s illegal on Witspeak.
  1. Witspeak Inc. Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At Witspeak, our mission is to make the world better through sound. The way we get there is by empowering audio communities. Making the world better through community is core to what we do.

We believe that inclusion and diversity are inextricably linked to our goals as a company and as a product. When intersectional communities have open conversations, they inspire empathy in all of us. We believe, that by building a platform that encourages these conversations, we can help make the world a kinder place.

Because of our commitment to this mission, Witspeak will continue to build and celebrate workforces and communities that recognize differences and actively work towards the empowerment of others.

Our most powerful tool is our platform itself, and we do everything we can to actively give the mic to people whose story has not been told.

As a team, though we are small, we seek to hire and grow people from all walks of life while offering them opportunities to shine and achieve their greatest potential. We realize that doing this effectively sometimes means taking extra time or investing extra resources in bringing people up. We embrace that investment as another way to build diverse and inclusive communities.

At Witspeak, we are constantly changing and evolving. If you have any recommendations as to how we can foster more diverse and inclusive communities on Witspeak, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

  1. How to Report

You can help us keep our Witspeak community strong by using the report function in our app and web. If you’ve seen any inappropriate Voice Feeds or Channels, comments or people that violate our Community Guidelines, please let us know!

How to Report a Voice Feed

    1. Tap the three dots on the top right corner
    2. Tap ‘Report’
    3. Select the Report category

How to Report a Channel

    1. Tap on three dots on the top right corner
    2. Tap ‘Report’
    3. Select the Report category

You can also click on ‘Contact Us’ in app/web or send us email on [email protected] to report any inappropriate content or people. Keep in mind that your information won’t get shared when you report something.